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Designed by international reputable architectural design companies - TFP and ARUP of the United Kingdom, 100-floor Kingkey 100 is a global landmark skyscraper with a height of 441.8 meters. It is an urban complex that combines grade-A offices, a KK Mall, a platinum five-star Regis Hotel and superior apartments. With its world-level top configuration, Kingkey 100 creates a global financial landmark for Shenzhen. As the gateway and window for Shenzhen to enter into the world, it is also the best strategic platform for the world to enter China.
A Awards and achievements

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It is not just architecture, but also a dream and a future.

I Building information

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Awards and achievements

●Kingkey was gloriously awarded the 13th Zhan Tianyou Award for China’s Civil Engineering Projects. ●Kingkey 100 was selected for the “Emporis Skyscraper Award”, ranking 4th among the World’s Top Ten Skyscrapers” ●Kingkey 100 of Kingkey Group was awarded the title of “Best Office” at the China Real Estate Annual Meeting. ●Kingkey 100 has been identified as the headquarters of the modern service industry park by Luohu district government. ●Kingkey 100 of Kingkey Group was awarded the title of “Top 10 Offices in Shenzhen” ●It was rated as meeting the gold degree of Shenzhen Green Building Evaluation. ●Shenzhen was rated as the green building evaluation logo gold level ●Kingkey 100 was representing the landmark of Shenzhen on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China commemorative stamp sheet shape "dream building"

Building information
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Kingkey 100 Building is a high-rise large-scale commercial complex built by Kingkey Group, including international grade-A office, platinum five-star hotels, residential, high level apartments and international fashion boutique shopping centers. It is located in Caiwuwei Financial Centre in Luohu district,Shenzhen, that was designed by two British companies which called TFP and ARUP . Want to find out how the interior of Kingkey 100 looks like? Please click on the floor plan and selected units for more building information.
floor plan
selected units
Kingkey 100 is an advanced commercial complex built by the famous Kingkey Group. The total construction area is 220,000 square meters, of which 175,000 square meters are international Grade A office buildings, and 1st to 4th floors are office reception halls, the 5th floor is the banquet hall, the 6th to 72th floors are the international level A office, has the largest number of fortune 500 companies in the building in ShenZhen. such as Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Standard Chartered Bank, Kaitai Bank, Wing Lung Bank, PWC, Evergrande Group, Galaxy Securities, Abbott Trade, Hong Kong Airlines, Novartis and so on.

area /
floor / 中层
toward / southeast

Unit description:It is a business office floor with complete facilities.
A high floor small-sized unit that flexible and practical,
with a rare floor height of 3.3 meters,
the design is simple and airy,

area /
floor / 低层
toward / To the southwest

Unit description:Scarce low zone direct access layer,
Open landscape,
The apartment is very practical,
Daylighting is good,
Recover rent,
High cost performance,
Suitable for high quality enterprises.

area /
floor / 高层
toward / East south west north

Unit description:Invincible landscape,
The beauty of shenzhen is unobstructed,
The apartment is very practical,
Whole floor decoration luxury atmosphere,
Furniture for rent,
Save money on redecorating,
Suitable for large quality

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